Almost There

This is a very personal post for me since the subject is my wife. Michelle and I are expecting our first child at any moment since we are now five days past our due date. Being a photographer you would think that I would have taken more photos of my wife in the last nine months, but we always found ourselves too busy to go out for a shoot. But once we hit the thirty-nine week mark nearly two weeks ago we thought we better make the time.

We didn’t go to an extravagant location, and didn’t spend a lot of time shooting, but the two of us enjoyed our time together to get some photographs of this very special time in our lives.

I hope you enjoy the short slideshow of some of my favourite photos from the shoot.

Note: for the best quality make sure HD is set to on along the right side of the video player. Scaling should be set to off.

Saskatoon Maternity Photographer Naidu Photography - Michelle at 39 Weeks

6 thoughts on “Almost There

  1. Hemant you really captured the moment. Your pictures are wonderful. Hang in there you two. Baby Naidu is bound to make his/her entrance soon.

  2. Beautiful photos Hemant.
    You are very talented, and Michelle looks beautiful.
    We can’t wait for Baby Naidu to arrive. The girls are especially antsy to make a trip to Saskatoon after he/she arrives so they can meet their new cousin.

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