Lindsey & Scott’s Saskatoon Wedding

When I met Lindsey and Scott last year I knew that they were going to be a fun couple to work with. And when I met their attendants at the rehearsal the night before the wedding it was clear that their entire group was going to be a blast to spend some time with.

I spent the morning with Lindsey and her bridesmaids at the Saskatoon Inn as they got ready for the day. The atmosphere was extremely calm and relaxing, making it easy for me to focus on getting some great shots. Before we knew it, it was time to head to St. John’s Cathedral in the heart of downtown Saskatoon. We loaded into the limo and were on our way.

Following the ceremony the wedding party and I made our way around Saskatoon capturing as many photos of the newly weds as we could. We had lots of time before the reception so we were able to take our time. Like I expected, Scott, Lindsey, and everyone in their party were all about having a good time. All I had to do was point my camera at them and capture the moment.

Here are some of my favourite photos I made that day.

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