The Experience

Your Wedding Day

As exciting and joyous that weddings are, I understand that stress can be associated with the day as well. My goal is to make the wedding photography experience as pleasant as possible for you and your guests. Leading up to the wedding day we will meet to discuss the schedule. By knowing how the day will unfold I can plan my strategy in capturing the moments that are most important to you. In the event you are holding a rehearsal, I will attend this as well so I know how your ceremony will play out.

On your wedding day I will be as invisible as I can be so you can experience the day’s excitement to its fullest. When it is time to shoot your formals you can count on me to take the lead and direct the group, ensuring that we make some awesome photos together. Even though we’ll be busy, I guarantee that the experience will be fun and relaxed – the best way to get stunning results.

In the days after the wedding I will post two or three teaser photos from your wedding. This will give you guys a chance to see how great you looked, while also giving you a glimpse of how the rest of your photographs will turn out. Over the next six to eight weeks I will be meticulously retouching your photos and carefully designing your album. Once complete I will deliver your final package to your home.

You’re the Model in your Lifestyle Shoot

The majority of people have never been photographed by a professional. This had never really occurred to me, but it was something I always heard from my clients during our early correspondence. My goal is to make your lifestyle shoot as fun and relaxed as possible, but structured in a way that we are guaranteed to produce some stunning photographs.

In the days leading up to the shoot you can expect a Pre-Shoot Package in your inbox. This package will include suggestions and tips on clothing, styling your hair, applying makeup, etc. Certain things just tend to look better in photographs, and the idea of the tips is to help us create images that are timeless.

Based on input from you I will find a couple locations that will work well a few days before the shoot. On the day of the shoot we will meet at one of those locations and get to work. We’ll start with some easy stuff to shake any nervousness you may be feeling. It won’t take long for you to realize that there’s nothing to actually be nervous about, and we’re just there to have a great time. With everyone relaxed, creating awesome photos becomes a lot easier. For the next hour-and-a-half, that’s exactly what we’ll do.

A day or so after the shoot I will post a teaser photo to show you how incredible you looked. Over the next two weeks I will retouch the photographs, and then deliver them them to your home. The option to order additional prints or albums will always be available to you, and I will be happy to discuss the many choices you have.

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